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Your Own $2 Rolling Billboard

Do you ever wonder how you can advertise your
business more?

Have you ever thought about renting a billboard to
advertise your website?

Have you ever checked into how much it cost to rent a
billboard for one month?
Wow, they're very expensive. At least a couple
thousand dollars.

Well here's a much cheaper way to let people know about
your business, every where you go.

You can use you car.

Why not?

People are always on the go. And to get somewhere
they usually have to take their car. So why not
use your car, to do a little advertising?
Buses do. Taxis do. So can you.

You can buy one of those license plate
holders with your web address on it. The ones that you
put around your licence plate. But they're usually in
such small print. How do you know if people can even
see them?

There's a much better way.

One that I guarantee you, everybody that passes you
on the road, or sees you in the parking lot, will Know
about your website.

Go to a local office supply store, and buy some of the
white 2" stick on letters. They're usually only a couple
of bucks for a whole package of different letters.
For what you need, there should be more than enough
different letters in one package.

Select the letters of your web site address. And stick
em to the back windshield of your car.
Be sure and put the letters up near the top of your
windshield, so as to not block your view out the back.

Line em up nice and neat across the top of your
back windshield... website


Your own customized rolling billboard.

Now every time you drive somewhere, people will see
your website. Plus every time you're parked at the
store, at the mall, at the movies...

Your website will be getting more exposure.

I know this is gonna get you some hits to your site.

Because before long, people will start coming up to you
and saying "hey, I keep seeing your website address,
what's it all about?"

Bam, there's you an instant opportunity to tell someone
about your business.

So for couple of bucks, you can advertise your website
to just as broad an audience, as you could for a
couple thousand dollars. What could be better than that!

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and the article is published in its entirety.

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